Chef Tamie Cook

Growing up, Tamie loved to cook at the knee of her Mother, using her grandmother’s collection of hand written recipe cards. However, she came to a culinary career later in life. After working as an Occupational Therapist for almost 10 years she had the opportunity to live in Paris for three years and discovered food and wine, the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.  Upon returning to the US she resumed her career as a therapist all the while dreaming of the day when she could turn her new passion into a career.  Opportunity struck when a merger led to a lay off and she seized the moment to chart a new path. While attending New England Culinary Institute Tamie performed internships with Anne Quatrano at Bacchanalia in Atlanta and with Anne Willan at LaVarenne in Joigny France . While in France, Tamie also worked as a stagiere at a Michelin 1-Star restaurant near Auxerre.  She concluded her time in France working the vendange in the village of Pommard, picking grapes and making wine the old-fashioned way.

In 2002, Tamie landed back in Atlanta where she became Alton Brown’s Culinary Director.  For the next 11 years she worked developing and testing recipes for “Good Eats” and myriad other projects for Alton Brown. In 2007, along with friend and colleague Kimberly Broerman, Tamie began teaching “Mindful Eating”. An 8-week course, “Mindful Eating”, aims to provide conversation space, resources and community support for changing the ways we think about, acquire, prepare and eat our food. Tamie speaks regularly on topics ranging from Mindful Eating to Recipe Development and Testing. Started in 2013, Tamie Cook Culinary Productions, is a sought-after recipe development and culinary consulting company with clients across the Southeast and beyond, including Robert Downey Jr., Tennessee Aquarium, Coca Cola, Florida Department of Citrus, Chef Steven Satterfield, Chef Ford Fry, Southern Foodways Alliance, and PeachDish, among others. Tamie also works as a food stylist for print and video and is a culinary instructor, teaching classes at Cook’s Warehouse in Atlanta and most recently the guest chef at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate Mexico. Tamie is a member of the Atlanta Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier and served on its Board of Directors as the VP of Philanthropy. She is also a member of the Southern Foodways Alliance, Georgia Organics, International Association of Culinary Professionals, and Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. Most of all Tamie loves sharing good food and hospitality with those she loves.